Atamuno’s Vision For His People

Again, a departure from the chronology.  The Tide, an online news magazine published an undated article Atamuno’s Vision For His People by Soye Wilson Jamabo.  Following are some excerpts from that article:

 Until his enlistment into the long list of governorship aspirants under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atamuno Ajubo Atamuno was a relatively quiet philanthropist not given to partisan politics. But when he finally emerged, many realised that he indeed meant business.
That business is to contribute to the well-being of the thoroughly impoverished Rivers people in general, and men and women of his immediate constituency the Okrika speaking Ijaws of Rivers State. To be seen as a serious contender, an aspirant under the PDP, according to him, would require an initial investment of N100 million [$500,000].

Note that the half million dollars is an “investment” in something.

Atamuno, an International Business mogul with offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, said his preference to assist the needy was indeed deliberate. “I have seen poverty. I have tasted it. I have fought poverty. And I can tell you, it is not easy.
According to him, he had tried his hands in many ventures, including buying and selling detergents in the open Lagos market and streets to break even. Such travails with-out support can never be easy and was not.

I’ll look into Atamuno’s Houston shell corporations and his Americas office in the next post.