The Midis Energy Services Staff Meeting

Atamuno Atamuno, the owner of Midis, called a meeting of the 30 or so Shell contractors working for Midis on February 8th, 2013 at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel on Victoria Island.  Presumably, a separate meeting was held for the 40 or so Chevron contractors working for Midis.  Atamuno introduced Yusuf Omane as the new General Manager.  Atamuno also introduced Abere Innocent, who also went by Abere Dick, as his new accountant.  Although Chris Henshaw was present, he stayed in the background and kept quiet.  Chris still had the remnants of the black eye and bruises from the police beating.  I smile at Chris when we make eye contact.

It is notable that Atamuno responded to complaints from several of us concerning the vehicles that Midis provided by stating that all of the vehicles in the Midis fleet had been bought “brand new”.  It is certainly true that all vehicles are bought “brand new” by someone but often later sold as used vehicles when the “brand new” buyer disposes of them.

I pointed out to Atamuno that the Toyota that they provided for me was manufactured on 1 Oct 2001 and was bought “brand new” but not by Midis.  It was over 10 years old with 218,124 miles when it was exported on 31 Oct 2011 from New Jersey to the Republic of Benin, the odometer reset and the data plate on the door jamb removed, and then smuggled into Nigeria.  Atamuno seemed shocked that I would know these details and call him out on the lie.  Apparently Nigeria’s tropical gangsters do not understand Google. Google is your friend.