The Black Eye

On January 23, 2013, Chris Henshaw, General Manager for Midis Energy Services,  came to my apartment after work to discuss getting a steward or house keeper and better vehicle for me.  He had a black eye and several bruises and responded to my inquiry about his condition saying he had been mugged.  There were rumors a few days later that Chris had been arrested.  I told other expats that he had met me at my apartment on the 23rd and suggested that by his appearance, the police had beaten a confession from him.   A Nigerian said that Chris had indeed been beaten by the police but they were not interested in a confession.  They had beaten him to extort some of the money he had misappropriated.  I still thought Chris was just a typical Nigerian petty criminal settling (paying bribes to) people to look the other way at the inflated invoices for our apartment rent and cancel the safety inspections on the junk cars.