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Prosperity is back

Again, I depart from my intention to provide a chronology of my grand adventure in Nigeria and provide an expanded version of  today’s Facebook comment.

When the price of oil crashed in 1985 I gave up hope of working in the oilfield and took a job as Research Associate/Electronics Engineer at Nova University’s Graduate School of Oceanography.

I lived on a houseboat at the Oceanographic lab and collected high resolution directional spectra of gravity waves two months each spring on an otherwise uninhabited island in the Bahamas from instrumentation using microprocessor data acquisition and telemetry systems that I had designed.  The project had the distinction of being the last major project funded by the National Science Foundation to use a wooden sail boat as a research vessel.

Prior to this, I had ridden boats to some pretty remote places doing geochemical prospecting but never really had much interest in boats.  The oceanographic lab, and therefore my floating home, was located between the U. S. Navy Surface Warfare Center facility and Station Fort Lauderdale, U. S. Coast Guard at Dania Beach, Florida.  Twenty years later and 6000 miles away, I am again living next to a navy facility at a major port.  This time it is the Nigerian Navy yard on Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.   Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan, commissioned four “new” Nigerian Navy ships on 19 February, 2015, the day before I left for two weeks  rotational leave in Houston.  By the time I returned to Lagos, the second smallest of the four, NNS Prosperity, an ex-Irish Naval Force OPV,  had left the dock.  Last week the two largest vessels sailed, leaving the dock empty and this morning NNS Prosperity is back.

It’s low tide so you cannot see much of her on the other side of the dock.

NNS Prosperity 22-03-2015

Brilliant Anaro

By February 15th, 2013, I was getting pretty frustrated with the problems with Midis Energy Services and asked another American expat who worked with a different agent for contact information for his agent.  He provided the phone and email address for Brilliant Anaro, general manager, Servitico Limited – another SNEPCo MPS contractor.

I would meet Brilliant for the first and last time on June 4th, 2013.

Brilliant was shot in the head and killed while I was in Houston for Christmas break in 2014.

Atamuno’s Houston Shell Companies

A quick Google will turn up at least two shell companies in Houston owned by Atamuno:

Midis Energy Services, Inc. with registered agent Rob M. Ekwem, 8323 Southwest Freeway, Suite 555, Houston, TX  77074 and directors Atamuno Ajubo Atamuno and Joyce Atamuno, 2425 West Loop South, Suite 29, Houston, TX  77027

Midsel Energy Services, Inc. with registered agent Rob M. Ekwem, 8323 Southwest Freeway, Suite 555, Houston, TX  77074 and directors Atamuno Ajubo Atamuno and Stanley Adewole Fagbule, 2425 West Loop South, Suite 29, Houston, TX  77027

2425 West Loop South, Houston, TX  77027 is  the location of Davinci Virtual Offices offering the following services:

  • Local professional business address
  • Includes 1 complimentary online notary to complete required US Postal Form 1583
  • Use of address for business cards, licensing, website, etc.
  • Mail Receipt
  • Mail forwarding (additional fee)
  • Lobby greeter to welcome your walk-in clients
  • Access to network of over 3000 meeting spaces worldwide (pricing may vary by location)
  • Business Support Center (additional fee)
  • Client drop off/pick up point
  • Private day offices – varies by location, avg $10-$35/hr
  • Conference rooms – varies by location, avg $25-$45/hr
  • 2 Complimentary Hours in Conference Room (one time use)

Google is your friend.

The December 21st edition of The Nation  2014 contains a legal notice to clarify Atamuno’s name:

21 Dec 2014 – CONFIRMATION OF NAME I, ATAMUNO AJUBO AJUBO, wish to state that the name AJUBO ATAMUNOLOWUARI AJUBO with which my passport was issued is not correct …

Atamuno’s Vision For His People

Again, a departure from the chronology.  The Tide, an online news magazine published an undated article Atamuno’s Vision For His People by Soye Wilson Jamabo.  Following are some excerpts from that article:

 Until his enlistment into the long list of governorship aspirants under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atamuno Ajubo Atamuno was a relatively quiet philanthropist not given to partisan politics. But when he finally emerged, many realised that he indeed meant business.
That business is to contribute to the well-being of the thoroughly impoverished Rivers people in general, and men and women of his immediate constituency the Okrika speaking Ijaws of Rivers State. To be seen as a serious contender, an aspirant under the PDP, according to him, would require an initial investment of N100 million [$500,000].

Note that the half million dollars is an “investment” in something.

Atamuno, an International Business mogul with offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, said his preference to assist the needy was indeed deliberate. “I have seen poverty. I have tasted it. I have fought poverty. And I can tell you, it is not easy.
According to him, he had tried his hands in many ventures, including buying and selling detergents in the open Lagos market and streets to break even. Such travails with-out support can never be easy and was not.

I’ll look into Atamuno’s Houston shell corporations and his Americas office in the next post.